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Conveyor 22 now launches a new linear conveyor for vertical transportation, electric driven and double action step feeder, Up Line. Double action describes the operating principle that every step moves up and down alternately, resulting in high capacity.

Up Line orients and raises components over short to medium heights easily and gently, which minimizes wear and tear on the material being handled. Output height setting is 190 mm adjustable with a crank. Magazine is customized depending on the sizes of transported details and low filling height is user-friendly. This flexible step feeder is a good option, the noise level is low and the size is compact. Up Line, with its built-in inductive sensor, is perfect for automatic feeding and presentation of parts for any assembly, inspection or secondary application.

With the combination of Up Line and Black & Clean Line, Conveyor 22 is ready to deliver a more complete conveying system and fulfill more customers needs.

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