Green technology for global industry

Go green – streamline your productivity by integrating our patented electric conveyor with built-in motion sensor into your automated production process.

Electric conveyors – clean and safe

The Conveyor 22 Linear Conveyor is the cleanest, most reliable and cost-efficient on the market. Our customers come from a broad array of industries including metal, mining, automotive, automation, vision, furniture, recycle, food and pharmaceutical companies.

Our patented technology optimizes manufacturing productivity and simplifies automation process, contributing to a sustainable energy system and a friendly working environment.

Our business areas

Stamping & Manufacturing

Automation & Robotics

Pharmaceutical & Food Industry

smart – clean – compact – reliable

Conveyor 22 vision is to set a new global standard for industrial processing and transportation of solid material.

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Warning Lamp Downtime

Warning lamp which lights up when the conveyor is overloaded – a cost efficient safety accessory The warning lamp is a simple but important safety accessory that prevents downtime for those who choose not to [...]

New STRONGER compact electric linear conveyor

Conveyor 22 is now launching a BRAND NEW larger conveyor: Black Line 101 Black Line 101 can transport a weight of 100 kg. To meet the market's need for increasingly larger transport systems, we developed [...]