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In the Scanautomatic fair 2016, ABB and Conveyor 22 together present an easy and cost-effective solution for collaborative robotic application.

Conveyor 22 designed this robot cell for ABB, intended to present an application possibility for their industrial robot YuMi to mount mechanical components. We display a visualized platform that imitates a complete assembly line around YuMi and shows its capability to perform a quality job. In the robot cell YuMi interacts with our linear conveyors in a compact and flexible way of transporting, separating, organizing, storing, picking, assembling and sorting.

YuMi assembles two components. Left feeding tray organizes the screws and ends with sensor and storing slit, which enables YuMi’s left hand to pick from a fixed position. Right feeding tray is designed to turn and separate the nuts, which allows YuMi’s right hand to identify them through the gripper’s vision camera before picking. Assembled details and extra unpicked parts are left into the middle feeding tray, which is made of different layers and tracks in order to recycle all details. The conveying system circulate all components by using different feeding trays, three horizontal conveyors Black Line 141 and two vertical conveyors Up Line jointly controlled by the robot’s control system.

We are glad that this robot cell has received great attention from the visitors and it will also be exhibited in Annual Suppliers’ Forum SLD2016, together with ABB. Scanautomatic 2016 gave us many new business contacts, both national and international. We would like to specially thank ABB for their pioneering leadership through cooperating with Conveyor 22, as well as new and old customers for your continuous interest in our conveyors.

Greetings: Anne-Maj, Lars and Muzi, Conveyor 22

Watch the video: Robot YuMi assembles screws and nuts in Scanautomatic 2016