Conveyor Lift 230/1100 is ready to go!

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Conveyor 22 now launch Conveyor Lift 230/1100 based on the previous model Conveyor Lift 110/278. The lifts are designed to facilitate the industries with special need for frequent changing on manufacturing equipments.

Adjustable lift in height (Z) with a stroke level of 230 mm. The lift can easily be mounted on the stamping press or manufacturing equipment. The Conveyor Lift 230/1100 is able to handle either Quick Bar 2000 mm or aluminium bar up to 2500 mm. After implementation of the conveyor lift, the conveyor bolted to the lift can be cranked down below the stamping press table’s surface. Thus there are no more manually repeat installations of the transporters when replacing manufacturing equipment.

Tool change is simplified – setup time is shortened!

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